Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scrapping Update

Just a few layouts I did from pictures I took last fall of my friend Filiz before she moved back across the pond. It was great to have a chance to spend some quality time with her before she left. (If you're reading this Filiz - we miss you!)

Gig at Zinc:

Black Forest:

Happiness in Harriman

What an amazing hike. It was just shy of forty degrees, the sun was shining, the snow glistening as it melted. Streams were running where there normally weren't any, sparkling in the sun.

Christine, Mike and I took the Appalachian Trail, passing through the Lemon Squeezer, stopping to inspect the icicles that had formed along the cliff. It was a bit hairy at the top of the scramble, where the narrow path was covered in ice. As we climbed, we startled several deer, their white tails up as the ran through the woods.
After about two and a half miles, we came to the intersection where the Appalachian Trail meets the Long Path. We turned onto the Long Path and took it until we hit the white bar trail, which we took to the yellow blazed Dunning Trail. We took a moment to look at the Boston Mine before heading on.

It was a great route. In addition to the rock formations and mine, we skirted two large ponds, marshland, and several streams. It was a bit touchy passing over some of the swollen creeks, especially below the waterfall. Other small brokes were still covered with ice, but, as I discovered the hard way, the ice too soft to carry our weight and I broke through, soaking my feet.

You can view a full slideshow, here:

A couple of photos of the adventurers:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for Mojo

The long weekend at home gave me some time to scrap a few layouts. I feel like when I scrap in small bursts (rather than working steadily throughout the week), I have a much harder time finding my mojo. I kept these layouts simple, with the simple goal of getting them done.

My (Kitchen) Island:

Xmas Joy (done using the MME sketch, but not in time to submit to the challenge):

Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Progress

My Elvira is coming along. There were a few difficulties working the yoke, where I had to unknit a row, and the dropped stitches that ensued. There are also some flaws in the lace, where in one pattern repeat on one column only (but in two different spots), I repeated rather than alternated the YO, K2tog. I didn't notice these mistakes until more than an inch later, and because they are on the backside, and it takes a lot of searching to find them, I've decided to let them slide. If I were knitting for someone else, I would probably make the effort. As it is, I see this as a top for knockign around in on the weekends, so I'm not too worried.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


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Too long has passed since my last hike. Unfortunately, after several days of 60 degree weather in the City, we underestimated how much snow was left upstate. It wouldn't have been a problem in a heavily visited park, but we picked a trail that no one had been on for a long time, so the snow was unpacked and fairly deep. During the morning, it wasn't too bad because we mostly stayed on top of the icy crust, but as the day went on, we broke through more and more often. Nice women using not so nice language. After awhile we decided that we weren't really having fun anymore and it was time to head into Cold Spring for a beer (or, in my case, a cider).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anniversary Celebration

While Valentine's Day provides an opportunity for most to celebrate there love, for us the true celebration comes two days earlier, on February 12th. One year ago, I sat anxiously in the lobby of MoMA waiting for yet another internet date to begin. I was less than thrilled with repeated first dates and disappointment. But my heart beat wildly when Glenn walked in. We wandered the galleries, stopping for awhile in front of Warhol's soup cans. Later we wandered down to the West Village to have dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant, followed by a jazz concert (Alas No Axis) and dessert at Cornelia Street Cafe. Seven hours later I experienced the most magical kiss of my life and was hooked. We celebrated our one year anniversary with a return to MoMA (and the soup cans) and dinner at a Turkish restaurant in our neighborhood (another good discovery).

Elvira Revisited

Of course there's already another knitting project on the needles! what did you expect?

This time it's a lace cami for myself, made out of a fingering weight cotton in black.

The goal:


At long last, I've finished mom's sweater (and well in advance of her birthday).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

PageMaps Basic Grey Sketch Contest

Valentine's Day, New York City Style - Valentine's Day holds special meaning for me, because it is also when I met my fiance. Our first date was February 12th. One year later we are planning our wedding.

I knew Glenn was going to propose, after ironing out when, where and how. I teased him that it had to be romantic and I needed a photograph. It was romantic, but no camera! I had to make do with a shot of our spot using my cell phone.

As always, Page Maps has another great sketch contest:

And this is my take: