Sunday, June 17, 2012

On the Farm

We made our first trip up to the newly launched Tumblewood Farm (a/k/a my sister's house), where we met the new kids, Moya, Violet, and Leeloo:

Mom is very happy to finally have grandkids, and they're really into her too:
The eldest, Moya, is already weened, but the two youngest still get bottles twice a day:

In addition to the kids, there are a few hens and a young rooster.  The chickens are laying, and there's fresh eggs to be had (for those willing to brave a brooding hen):

More poultry is on its way, including turkeys and guinea hens.  In the meantime, we enjoyed what was available.  Mom knows exactly what to do with this bounty:

We also took advanage of the fact that it was strawberry season:

And a parting shot:


  1. I loved seeeing these photos. I love you, too!

  2. I keep forget to look at your page. Great pics! Jill's house looks amazing!!!