Saturday, September 14, 2013

Old Haunts, New Paths

I spent a lot of time during my adolescence at Wawawyanda State Park, just over the border in New Jersey.  On summer evenings, my family would pack a cooler and head to the park. While dad was getting a fire ready to grill, my sister and I would either head to the beach or try our hand at the sail board.   Later, I would go to the park with my mom. While she was painting, I would go for walks along the lake shore.  I've always wanted to go a bit further down the labyrinth of trails.

Today, Glenn and I hiked the six-mile Appalachian Trail/Iron Mountain Trail/Double Pond Trail loop.  It was an amazing beautiful day to be out in the woods.   Our route took us past the boathouse and the picnic grove where I spent so much time when I was younger, but most of the time we were on paths that were new to me.  I wish I had known some of these spots we discovered before.  In particular, I thought that the Kazmar Pond was lovely in its quiet isolation.

For a full slide show, double click below:

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