Sunday, April 19, 2015

Road Trip

Roadtrip weekend to Washington, D.C. After a long winter, it was time to come out of hibernation, so we headed south where spring was already in full swing and spent 24-hours exploring our nation's capital.  (And since it was our anniversary weekend, there's lots of iPhone pics of us in the mix).

Our first day we visited the National Archives and the Air & Space Museum. The next morning we took a long walk around the western edge of the National Mall and the Tidal Basin, visiting the various monuments.

A full slideshow is available here:

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  1. So the Free Range Chickens from Stamping Rooster were out on a road trip? Ya got some swell photos! I love the Lincoln Memorial. He's my favorite! Such a great man! FDR too! Looks like you two had a crowing good time!!!