Monday, June 1, 2015

A Day in Bruges

At this time a week ago, we were sitting on a bus, leaving Paris on the way to Bruges in northwest Belgium.  We arranged to make the trip through Paris CityVision, a division of Greyline. While we prefer to travel on our own, this was a convenient way to make the long trip in one day. And once the guide brought us into the city center, we were given an opportunity to explore on our own.

Bruges, known as the Venice of the north, was once a significant port and economic center and is filled with gorgeous medieval architecture.  The trip included a boat tour along the city’s canals, which was a great way to view the city's beautiful buildings away from the crowds of tourists that clog its streets.

After the boat tour, we wandered, enjoying the sites, as well as some wonderful food. Glenn enjoyed mussels and beer, while I was on a quest for chocolate (granted, not much of a challenge in a city filled with some of the world's best chocolatiers) and waffles. 

It was a wonderful day, in a wonderful city.

 Here's a full slideshow:

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