Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rhinebeck (a/k/a New York Sheep and Wool) 2015

It is an annual tradition. Not for the yarn (which is scrumptious and irresistible), or the cute animals (llamas on parade anyone?), but for the knitters. It's an amazing chance to hang out with old friends, meet new friends, and rub shoulders with some knitting celebrities. If you love knitters and fiber, and you can get to New York in mid-October, I highly recommend the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

After a morning shopping, many knitters head over to the hill for the Ravelry meet up, which is now mixing with various designer and pod cast meet ups. It's great chance to see face-to-face the people you've been chatting with online all year.

The Savvy Girls get cupcakes

And special thanks to the Ravelry peeps for building such a wonderful community.

And I wasn't joking. There is a llama parade.

And lots of cute sheep.


  1. And a perfect day for wearing hand knits! Have a blast!