Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hiking in Arizona

Hello, everyone!

We just got back from a wonderful visit to Arizona. It's always good to spend time with friends and family. And this trip, we finally had a chance to do some hiking in the Sedona region. 

Our first hike was the Parsons Trail just outside of Cottonwood.  We didn't hike the whole length, but enjoyed some time out in the spring sunshine as we wandered a mile or so down the Verde River before heading home for Easter dinner.

The flowers were in bloom and the sky a wonderful bright blue.

Our second hike was to Devil's Bridge outside of Sedona. We started at the Mescal trail head early in the morning, and beat most of the crowds to the fabulous stone arch.

We did run into some unexpected company on the trail on the way back, startling this rattlesnake.  Given the number of people coming up the trail, we were rather surprised to find him out. Fortunately, he decided to move off the trail and no one was hurt.

For more photos, double click on the slideshow below:

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