Friday, August 13, 2010

So, What's Next?

Well, it's starting to look like a sweater. After numerous rows of stockingette in the round, it's time to find the instructions and see what the next step is. (Um, short rows?? I guest that means hopping over to to do a bit of research.)

In other news, today I am mailing a letter advising my landlord that I will not be renewing my lease. After eight years in the same apartment, this is a momentous event for me. Where am I going? I have absolutely no clue. I am in holding mode until my current lease ends. October will be a frantic month, while I scramble to find a new place, pack and move. For an obsessive planner unable to plan, the next two months are going to be very stressful. The positive - on November 1st I will have started a new epoch in my life, this one shared with Glenn.

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