Monday, September 13, 2010

Hike? What hike?

Well, some things are not meant to be. Friday night we drove three hundred miles north to Lake Placid and made camp at 1:30 a.m. In the morning, Mike decided to go into town for coffee and a hot breakfast, which was nice, because it was freezing. Coming back down the dirt road to the campsite, his car hit a rock and cracked the transmission. Completely out of commission, we found our way back to town and spent the morning on the phone trying to get mobile. We ended up having my sister drive three hours to rescue us and bring us down to Albany were we could get a rental car. We are all deeply indebted to her.

While we were waiting, we explored the village of Lake Placid.

En route to Albany, we decided to salvage some of the weekend by hiking in the Catskills. We reached Blackhead Mountain as it was getting dark and night hiked a mile and a half to a campsite. We got the tents up and Mike got a fire started and made us dinner, teaching us a few things for future backpacking trips.

In the morning, the sky was low and dark. Hiking was not meant to be this trip. We packed our gear and headed back out to the car and home. Along the way we detoured to the Escarpment to take in the view of the Hudson Valley. We also met a friendly peahen on the backroads in the Catskills.

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  1. One does not always find adventure where one seeks it! :-) I love you -Mom