Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sadly, I have no projects to share this week. But that does not mean I have been idle. Last weekend I got to spend a lovely afternoon with my scrappy friends Gina and Pam.

I will get to spend more time with Pam this week as we host several friends flying east for a reunion at Taryn's scrapbook retreat, the Hamburg Hideaway, in Pennsylvania. It promises to be a very fun weekend, and I'm even hoping to squeeze some scrapping in! Actually, I really hope I can get some projects done, because as soon as we return I will begin packing and scrapbooking will have to be set aside until the move is complete.

While my scrapbooking supplies are packed away in boxes, I do have a knitting project to keep my hands busy - a simple pull-over sweater that will hopefully be my brother-in-laws birthday present. The pattern, Joukahainen, is available for free on ravelry.

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