Sunday, September 19, 2010

Now This Is A Hike

I think Christine and I felt a need to make up for not hiking last weekend. Our original plan was to hike Slide. When Mike suggested we include Wittenberg and Cornell, telling us that while Slide was the highest mountain in the Catskills, the best view was from Wittenberg, we had to do it. Of course, it meant a nine mile hike instead of four and a half, a car shuttle, and another night sleeping in a tent, but Christine is a champion organizer. Six girls and Albert hiked seven hours and topped three mountains.

View from Wittenberg -

View of Slide from Cornell -

View from Slide:


  1. I get tired just looking at your pictures, lol! Your the man Gretchen, err, I mean woman!!

  2. No wonder you're so skinny! that's amazing, the view is gorgeous. Wish we had mountains in KS.