Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 - Six Sweater Year

New Year's Day, 2010, I flew to Cleveland to visit my very dear friend, and knitting mentor, Heather, and asked her to teach me to knit a sweater. We cast on Scoop Pullover, a pattern from Interweave knits and, by the end of the long weekend, I was a third of the way done. As we drove through the snow back to the airport, Heather mentioned that there were many Ravelry groups dedicated to sweater challenges. I did not think a sweater a month was possible, but she found one group whose goal was six sweaters during the year. The gauntlet was thrown. With all the last minute Christmas knitting, I didn't think I'd finish, but here it is, Sweater No. 6:

It was supposed to be for my brother in law, but since it fits me, I doubt it will fit his long frame. The rest, in reverse order, are Glenn's Cobblestone, Jill's Twisted V (another Interweave pattern), Ingenue, Simplest Sweater, and the original Scoop Pullover. Unfortunately, the quality of my knitting hasn't improved as I've gone along, but at least I have an understanding of how to read patterns.


  1. Impressive! They are all so unique. You really took on this challenge and succeeded. Way to go, Gretchen!

  2. Yay! Congrats! They look great!