Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Progress Report

My buttercup is coming along. I finished all the shaping for the neck, shoulders, and arms. Now I just have to summon the patience to work through row upon row of stockingette. Simple knitting, at least, is good subway knitting.

The cat, of course, gets excited whenever I photograph a knitting project. Such an attention whore.

I am interested to see this sweater finished. I really have no clue what size it will be. The comments to the pattern on Ravelry indicate that it runs large, and recommend casting on a size small, but increasing for the bust as needed. To complicate matters, my gauge is a bit tight.
I cast on for a 1x, but added a series of increases on the sleeves and back to accomodate my gauge. I then added another series of increases under the opening for the arm (to increase both the bust area and the sleeve hole). I added another 16 stitches at the seams during the first inch of stockingette. I am hoping the end product will be closer to a 2x, but that the neck will not hang too low.

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