Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anniversary Celebration

While Valentine's Day provides an opportunity for most to celebrate there love, for us the true celebration comes two days earlier, on February 12th. One year ago, I sat anxiously in the lobby of MoMA waiting for yet another internet date to begin. I was less than thrilled with repeated first dates and disappointment. But my heart beat wildly when Glenn walked in. We wandered the galleries, stopping for awhile in front of Warhol's soup cans. Later we wandered down to the West Village to have dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant, followed by a jazz concert (Alas No Axis) and dessert at Cornelia Street Cafe. Seven hours later I experienced the most magical kiss of my life and was hooked. We celebrated our one year anniversary with a return to MoMA (and the soup cans) and dinner at a Turkish restaurant in our neighborhood (another good discovery).

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