Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happiness in Harriman

What an amazing hike. It was just shy of forty degrees, the sun was shining, the snow glistening as it melted. Streams were running where there normally weren't any, sparkling in the sun.

Christine, Mike and I took the Appalachian Trail, passing through the Lemon Squeezer, stopping to inspect the icicles that had formed along the cliff. It was a bit hairy at the top of the scramble, where the narrow path was covered in ice. As we climbed, we startled several deer, their white tails up as the ran through the woods.
After about two and a half miles, we came to the intersection where the Appalachian Trail meets the Long Path. We turned onto the Long Path and took it until we hit the white bar trail, which we took to the yellow blazed Dunning Trail. We took a moment to look at the Boston Mine before heading on.

It was a great route. In addition to the rock formations and mine, we skirted two large ponds, marshland, and several streams. It was a bit touchy passing over some of the swollen creeks, especially below the waterfall. Other small brokes were still covered with ice, but, as I discovered the hard way, the ice too soft to carry our weight and I broke through, soaking my feet.

You can view a full slideshow, here:

A couple of photos of the adventurers:

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