Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mount Washington Revisited

What an experience that was! hiking up Mount Washington (the Northeast's tallest peak) in January. Mount Washington is known for the worst weather on Earth. While the conditions were not record breaking when we were there, the cold, brisk winds above the tree line, and more than a foot of fresh powder made going very tough.

I did not, in fact, reach the peak. I got to about 0.4 miles from the summit and collapsed into the snow. While I was enjoying my rest it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to get back below the tree line as quickly as possible.

Two lessons learned, take the time to eat and drink. Energy is necessary, even if eating is cold and uncomfortable. Also, check your shoe laces. Even though I couldn't see them under my gaitors, my laces had loosened, causing my toes to jam into the hard shell of my mountaineering boots. If I had more energy and my feet hadn't hurt so much, I probably would have made it.

Even though I would be better prepared on the next trek, I have no desire to face Mount Washington again in winter. I'm not that crazy!

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