Saturday, December 31, 2011

Deep in the Woods

I love the Autumn Leaves Stole pattern by Jared Flood. I obtained 600 yards of Sanguine Gryphon's discontinued Gaia Worsted in a brown/green colorway called Little Bridge. This cashmere/silk mix is beautifully soft.

Unfortunately -- even though the pattern calls for 600 yards and I switched to smaller needles to compensate for my loose knitting -- it was not enough yardage. I had to do only 5 instead of 8 repeats of the last lace chart. Then, on the second half, I ran out of yarn and had to knit back 10 rows, only doing 4 repeats of the lace chart on one side. That was frustrating, but a shorter stole would have been fine. Especially since I expected it to grow considerably when blocked. But soon after I was thwarted again. I was talking to Glenn and lost my way while grafting the two sides together. As a result, there are a few leaves that don't line up well. Grrrr.... Then I rinsed it to block and a lot of the green washed out, leaving a browner fabric than I was expecting.

Too many frustrations, leaving an end product I'm not happy with. Yes, I could frog it and try something else. But since I am not loving the yarn, I think I may just find a home for it as is and, someday, redo this lovely stole in a yarn it deserves, with the attention it deserves.

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