Friday, December 16, 2011

Hectic Holidays

December snuck up this year. After a cold bout (and snow), in October, the City warmed up and we had balmy days in the 60s until this week.

Last weekend I finally dredged up some holiday spirit, and picked up a tree on my way home from work. Once it was in the apartment, and my bins of ornaments were opened and baubles scattered around the apartment ... then it finally started to feel like Christmas.

I've been hoarding ornaments for years, but have been unable to have a tree because my NYC apartment was too small. It was fun exploing my lost treasures. I sorted through dozens of ornaments for least breakable. We were more than a bit worried about how our playful kitties would react to the tree. After the initial excitement of something new, they settled down. Their only interest since the first day has been with the water, which they both keep trying to drink.

(P.S. Kitties and camera timer are not a workable combination)

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