Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beep, Beep! Vroom

First project of the year!
Glenn has been needing a new hat and scarf, so I ordered some Madelinetosh Merino in a beautifully orange/brown colorway called Sequoia. It's a cushy single-ply worsted and will both soft and warm. I ordered the yarn from Happy Knits and was very happy with the customer service. She had the three skeins I ordered in stock, but one skein was slightly darker than the other two. She e-mailed me, enclosing a photo, to ask if I still wanted them. Since I was planning one skein for a hat and two for a scarf, I said "sure!"
The pattern I chose is Kate Gilbert's Autobahn. I really love how the hat turned out, although there is a lot more cabling involved than it looks like at first glance. It took me longer to do than I was expecting and hurt my hands.
I have been debating whether I want to use the scarf pattern or just a simpe K2P2 rib for the scarf. My concern about doing the scarf in the pattern is two-fold - 1) the cabling was rough and it will be slow going and 2) I may not have enough yarn. I would be really upset if I put in the work to have it come out short or if I erred on the side of caution and made the scarf smaller, just to have lots of yarn left over. If I did K2P2 rib, I could make the scarf as long as the yarn held out. But I do really like this pattern and am thinking of taking the risk and just making it a few rows narrower.
Glenn wore it as soon as it was finished, along with his Henley (also done in MadTosh, this one in Vintage in Composition Book Gray).

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