Sunday, April 15, 2012


Thanks to my friend Kei Yamamoto for such wonderful photos.

Our reading:

Glenn and Gretchen asked that I read this on their behalf.
The opening line of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is the memorable, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”
The expected translation, of course, is that every woman seeks to marry a well off gentleman.
The reader, however, will soon be faced with a heroine of a contrary nature, one who is willing to defy convention and decline matrimony where it doesn’t suit.  The moral of this story is that a woman who is true to herself may be rewarded by finding her perfect match - Her Darcy. 
Another story that comes to mind is O’Henry’s The Robe of Peace.  It is the tale of a dapper young New Yorker who is known for his exquisite taste in clothing.  This gentlemen went on a tour of Europe and nothing more was heard of him.   Years later, two of his old comrades, themselves traveling on the Continent, detoured to visit a monastery high in the Alps. There, to their surprise, they found their old friend. They were shocked to find him in a coarse robe of brown cloth, yet in a state of “ineffable peace, of rapturous attainment, of perfect and complete happiness.”  They begged him to return to New York with them, but he declined.  He was entirely happy and content. “You see” he told them “At last I have found something that will not bag at the knees”!
An analogy may be made with this story and online dating.
How? Online dating is nothing like being a clothes horse. It is more analogous to job hunting. You send out a hundred resumes, only to get five responses. Four of those propositions are, quite frankly, scary. The fifth is enticing.  Eagerly you go on your interview, to discover, to your chagrin, that the fifth is scary too.  So you go back to the list of job postings and comb through it looking for something that matches up to your criteria. Looking for that perfect match.
And here is our analogy. If you are willing to journey down a different path, and step beyond the boundaries you set for yourself, you may be surprised that what you find suits you more than anything you could have dreamed for yourself. 
Glenn and Gretchen have sought for many years, treading down a few wrong paths in their journey.  But they stayed true to themselves and were rewarded by finding, where it was least expected, their perfect match - that other person who brings them perfect and complete happiness.


  1. STUNNING!! I just love the way Glenn is looking at you as you slide the ring on his finger!! Sweetness!! Congratulations you two!

  2. It was a fabulous night. You two make a beautiful couple. Your happiness is evident. You have that wedding glow!

  3. You deserve EVERY happiness. Enjoy each other!