Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love Song

Did I mention that I'm getting married? It seems a bit sureal. After all these years, I finally met someone I'm completely head-over-heals in love with and I am very excited about sharing my life with Glenn.

While a long time in planning, our wedding will be small and informal. There will be lots of personal touches. I have already shared the stationary and shawl I made for this event. Glenn will be wearing socks made by my mom, who also is working on a bag to hold cards. My sister made my jewlrey. The rings we had hand cast by a jewler in Glenn's home town. And Glenn's contribution? He wrote my wedding march. Yep. I have my own wedding march. It will be played by a brass quintet (3 trombones, a trumpet, and a tuba). It's so exciting!


  1. I'm so happy that you found each other! Wonderful!

  2. I love how you are crafting your wedding into something that is so personal and has touches of you and Glenn all over. Wishing you a wonderful wedding day and a lifetime of love together!