Sunday, July 8, 2012

Figgy Pebbles

It's been a low key week.  It's been hot in NYC.  I know it's summer, but the 90+ weather usually doesn't descend on us until August. Having hundred degree days the first week of July is disheartening.  I've become a shut in, trying to avoid the draining heat. 

Unfortunately, being cooped up does not mean I've gotten any scrapping done.  Instead, I've spent my time organzing my supplies.  We're contemplating another move in the next couple of months and, in anticipation, I've been purging things I don't think I'll use in the near future.  It feels good, bringing order to the mayhem.

I've sorted through my yarn stash too, although I'm not purging as much.  Instead I feel compelled to knit it all up.  This week I finished a hat for Glenn (Pebbled Beanie by Elisabeth F. Parker) using Madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in the fig colorway: 

It's too big. I usually go down needle a few needle sizes, but the pattern called for size 2 and I didn't want to use size 0. What I should have done was rip it out and cast on fewer stitches. As it was, knitting a hat in fingering, with 160 stitches a row and a textured stitch pattern, took forever and a day.  Ah well, lesson learned, stubborness is not a virtue. Especially not in knitting.

I've also cast on another sweater. (For sweaters, at least, I'm smart enough to do a gauge swatch).  I'm knitting Sabine by Cocoknits/Julie Weisenberger using Woolen Rabbit's opulence in the pussywillow colorway.  I love this yarn. It's deliciously soft:

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