Monday, December 31, 2012

A Winter's Blouse

There have been several end of the year knitting adventures.

I managed to pull of one more sweater, Gathered Blouse by Katya Frankel using Madelinetosh Vintage in Celadon.

I also took a roadtrip to Northampton, MA with a few friends from my knitting group for WEBS' end of the year blow-out sale. We had an enjoyable afternoon shopping and dining at Paul and Elizabeth's. 

Then the weather struck.

I knew snow had been forecast and had checked the weather several times to make sure it was not severe.  Right before we left Saturday morning, the National Weather Service was forecasting 1-3 inches in the Hartford area. Not bad over the course of a whole afternoon, and we'd be on major interstates.  Apparently, what the National Weather Service meant to write was 1-3 inches an hour!

We  headed south, into the the storm, and the snow piled up quickly. As it got dark, the lanes of the highway disappeared under the snow and we had to follow the tire tracks of the car in front of us.  I got behind a semi and, going 25 mph, we made our way south on I-91 toward I-95.  The road conditions didn't improve.  I was so focused on the road, I didn't realizr the semi had turned onto an exit ramp.  Too late, we headed up hill towards the light, watching the semi sliding as it tried to pull forward from a stop.  We were forced to stop and almost didn't get going again. It took several minutes, with cars slipping and sliding on either side of us, before we were able to make it the rest of the way up the hill. When we got to the light, I saw a Best Western to the left and immediately turned into the parking lot, shaking like a leaf. 

We hunkered down in our hotel room, enjoying pizza and knitting.  I hadn't brought any knitting since I figured, as the driver, I would not have time.  I spent some time balling a skein of Zen Garden, and Donna was kind enough to lend me a set of needles so I could cast on a new shawlette.

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  1. Your sweater turned out beautifully. I'm very glad you stopped at the motel.