Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learning Patience

I really wanted to title this blog post one of several four-letter words. I'm cursing under my breath as I type. It's 95% done. Body and two sleeve are all knit and blocked. They're sitting on my table waiting for me to sew everything together and add the buttons.

Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
Except. Yes, that's the frustration, there's an except.  Except the sleeves are too small. And small enough that I have to acknowledge it and do something about it.  The design notes that the sleeves are long and narrow, and provides instructions for knitting a size up for more ease.  I ignored that instruction, figuring my blocked gauge left enough ease in the upper arm. I was wrong.  (And I highly recommend to other knitters to read the directions through before beginning and, if you're at all self conscious about your arm, follow this variation of the pattern).

Process, I tell myself. Enjoy the process.  The finished product will bring you more happiness if you do.

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  1. But it will be absolutely gorgeous when you're finished :-)