Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rhinebeck 2013

I wasn't going to post, but my one true reader called and asked where the photos were, so here we go.

For the uninitiated, Rhinebeck is a town in upstate New York. For those in the know, a/k/a knitters, its the mecca of wooly goodness. Held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in mid-October when the leaves are at their peak color, the New York Sheep and Wool Festival draws fiber enthusiasts from around the world. While I understand that there are workshops, the real draw for me is a combination of the vendors and the knitwear on display. The animals are cool too. Really, where else are you going to see llamas on parade?

And then there's the cupcakes and knitting-celebrities:

(And yes, Casey is eating one of Hezzie's cupcakes).

The very best part, though, is hanging with your best friend:

And the yarn:

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