Monday, May 26, 2014

Iceland Day 2 - The Golden Circle

The most popular tour route in Iceland is the Golden Circle, which includes Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall,  and the Geysir hot springs. 

Þingvellir National Park is located on the tectonic plate boundary between Europe and North America. You can literally see the continents slow drift apart.   It is also of place of historical significance, Þingvellir means "Parliament Plains" and is the site where the Alþing general assembly was established around 930.  The Alþing  ("all-thing") is one of the oldest extant parliamentary institutions in the world.  The assembly convened in  Þingvellir  until 1798 and the area is now protected as  national shrine.

Geysir is, as its name suggests a geyser. Indeed, it is The Geyser from which all others are named.  (The one we saw erupt was its little brother, Strokkur).

I had heard about Icelandic horses, but I hadn't realized they were so prevalent.

Gullfoss or the "Golden Falls" is one of Iceland's most famous waterfalls.  

I took so many photos this day. I deleted a few, but haven't edited any yet. Double click below for the slideshow:

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