Monday, May 5, 2014

Sullivan Mountain Pine

At long last, knitting returns.  I recently finished Sullivan by Whitney Gegg-Harrison using Woolen Rabbit's Emma in the Mystic Mountain Pine color way.  Overall, I really liked this pattern, especially the shaping of the arms, which is wonderfully tailored (I hope to get a picture wearing it sometime soon).

I got a bit put out, however, when working on the sleeves, because I noticed that the sleeves used an i-chord cast on, while the body of the sweater had a folded hem.  Normally I like folded hems, but here it hides the pattern at the hem. When I checked the photos for the pattern, it appears that the designer used an i-chord cast on for the body as well as the sleeves.  I would have preferred the i-chord cast on for the body, but wasn't about to re-knit a third of the sweater.

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