Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knitting Fail

I think I knew it wasn't going to work from the beginning. This sweater took four times longer for me to finish than normal. I had no mojo. Not because I hated the pattern, or the yarn. Both were wonderful. In fact, I was combining my favorite design company with my favorite indie dyer: Brooklyn Tweed (Michele Wang's Slade) and The Woolen Rabbit (Grace in Chimney Sweep).

The problem was one of gauge. I can't knit gauge. I know this and I swatch. And I block my swatches. Then I do lots of math and figure out how to make the pattern work.  Unfortunately, a swatch doesn't always translate well across a full sweater.

In this case, the sweater is a size too small, and about six inches too short, for its intended recipient, my husband.

Otherwise, it's a nice knit. I either need to lose weight (which I really need to do anyway) or find someone the right size who is sweater worthy ... not an easy task since this sweater was a four-month project.

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