Monday, November 24, 2014

Storm King

I've gone and done it. I've finally made the jump from my Canon T2i to a Canon 5D Mark III.  Wanting to get out right away and put it through its paces, I signed up for an outing with Discovery Outdoors - hiking Storm King Mountain, followed by a visit to the Storm King Arts Center, which has an impressive sculpture exhibit spread over acres and acres.

The hike itself did not afford much opportunity for photography, and I am struggling with learning how to use the focal points of the Mark III (61 instead of the 9 my T2i had) and to set the exposure properly.  The hard light of a late fall day added to this challenge.  I will definitely need to play more to get the hang of my new toy.  

The Arts Center was a joy to wander around with a camera:


We became distracted for quite awhile at the mirrored picket fence.

Htet, my companion at the Arts Center, loved the milkweed we found.


A full slideshow is available below (or at this link):

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