Sunday, March 15, 2015

Art Journal Sunday

I recently obtained the Crafter's Workshop Love Birds stencil and had a vague idea of how I wanted to use this stencil on an art journal page.  Achieving a final result was a bit trickier than I originally anticipated, but I kept at it, adding layers until I reached this point.

After placing a bird and several branches on a gessoed page with modeling paste, I added several layers of paint mixed with glaze.  While this technique highlighted the stenciled image nicely, it did not give me the saturation of color that I wanted. I then tried spray ink. This only served to muddy everything. Finally I settled on blue and teal india ink. This gave me the wonderfully saturated color I wanted for the background, but by this point, my original stencil work was completely obscured.

I walked away and let everything dry.  I came back the next day with the stencil and white paint. I re-did  most of the original work, and added a few new branches.  I then added more texture by gluing thin pieces of wood to the page in something like a brick wall formation.  I painted this white, then stenciled some words over top with the Crafter's Workshop Art Is stencil and black spray paint. I continued to add black paint to the page.  For the final steps, I highlighted the bird and leaves with orange paint, and stenciled some distressed circles using the Crafter's Workshop Well Rounded stencil and white paint.

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  1. Your journal pages have become very mysterious, enigmatic. They tell a story.