Friday, March 6, 2015

Blue Sky Cardigan (Knitting Update)

I just finished knitting Charlie's Cardigan by Amy Herzog in Brooks Farm Yarn Four Ply.  

This sweater was an incredibly quick knit, but a long time planning. I picked up the yarn at Rhinebeck a few years ago and it's been waiting in my stash. I decided it was finally time to knit something with it. I searched through patterns for worsted weight yarn until I found something I liked, then did a gauge swatch. Then another. Then another. I just could not get close enough to make the sweater work.  I went looking for a sweater whose gauge matched my favorite swatch and cast on.  I got about half way through the first sleeve and RIPPED.  Then the light bulb went off.  I could make a Custom Knit sweater from Amy Herzog. Her program writes patterns based on your gauge and your measurements. Perfect!

Well, not perfect. The yarn had too much drape for my loose knitting and the sleeves ended up a couple of inches too long. And the button band is way too loose. I could take the sleeves off, rip them back two inches below the sleeve cap and then re-knit the sleeve cap and re-seam them .... I could.  And I could remove the button bands and re-knit them on needles several sizes smaller, then re-sew on all nine buttons ... I could.   But odds are I will not. The yarn is knit and I have already moved on to my next project.

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