Saturday, June 6, 2015


Our last day we spent at Versailles, a royal chateau in the outskirts of Paris.  Like many French palaces, the structure evolved over several generations, but it is most often associated with the Sun King, Louis XIV.  

Saturday was probably not the best day to visit, as the lines were ridiculously long and the galleries were over crowded. We dealt with it, and once we got through the grand apartments, we treated ourselves to a long lunch at Angelina.

Once we rested up, we left the palace to explore the gardens. The gardens of Versailles are not the lush, flowered filled gardens that I loved at Giverny. Even more disappointing, there is an additional charge to get into the gardens that is not covered by Museum Pass.

Next, we headed down towards Marie Antoinette's Estate, a idyllic hamlet built on the grounds of the chateau so that Louis XVI's queen could have a rural retreat away from the pomp of Versailles. 

Marie Antoinette's garden's were a nice way to wrap up the outing (minus the school groups we kept crossing paths with ... oh well).  We left by the Queen's gate and made our way back to the train for one last evening in Paris.

It'd been an absolutely amazing week. There's so many grand and beautiful things to see in and around Paris.  We have so many wonderful memories . . . and another trip to plan. Where to next?

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