Sunday, April 10, 2016

Turkey Mountain

I'm very excited to be back out hiking again. A few weeks ago I was exploring trails in the southwest.  This weekend, I was out in the northeast enjoying the first signs of spring.

We stuck close to home and headed toward the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area in Boonton, New Jersey. We scaled the 100-steps up Turkey Mountain.

At the top of the climb is a wonderful view of Lake Valhalla, followed shortly afterwards by an abandoned stone cabin, and later a small waterfall.

My initial plan was to do the Turkey Mountain Shorter Loop, but a wrong turn added a few miles. Oops. I guess I am out of practice. On the plus side, we climbed a few more hills and got extra exercise. Practice for heading up to the mountains later in the summer.

Here's a few more photographs:


  1. Lovely! I love the first robin photo! Boonton is a great little town!

  2. I love the (maple?) leaf in the stream. Beautiful & relaxing to look at.

    1. Thanks, Terri, this one's an oak. Think Canadian flag for a maple.

  3. Love your pics! Keep the hiking pics coming makes me miss home!