Saturday, May 21, 2016

Peddler's Village Strawberry Festival

Today we headed down to Pennsylvania for the Peddler's Village Strawberry Festival or, as we call it, the Quest for Strawberries Festival.

Peddler's Village is a nice collection of shops and restaurants and a great day outing from the City. The festival was a good excuse to drive down for the day. We started in the crafters' marketplace, acquiring some excellent honey, syrup, and candies, then we headed toward the shops. At this point, we were beginning to wonder where the strawberries were.

We found our first few berries at Skip's Candy Corner, which had scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries and some chocolate and Reese's Pieces covered pretzels that weren't so bad either.

There were more and more strawberry sightings as we wandered through the village, mostly in the form of strawberry shortcake stands. Yummy strawberry shortcake.

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  1. The last photo is quite possibly my favorite photo of you!