Sunday, June 26, 2016

Liberty Cardi

Hello, everyone!

I just finished Glenn's birthday sweater.

The plan was to knit him Maddy Cranley's ML184 Men's Jacket Cardi.  As always, I struggled with gauge. Fortunately, Amy Herzog's CustomFit came to the rescue.  I used my gauge, Glenn's measurements, and the schematic from the Men's Jacket Cardi to create a custom cardigan.

Glenn's Liberty Cardi varies from the original pattern slightly. I did not incorporate pockets, and I accidentally crossed the yarn to the front (instead of the back) when knitting the slipped rib for the body.

I used the Ross Farm's Liberty Jacob wool in a natural color way.

It's a beautiful sweater and, even better, it fits!

I'm a lucky girl and completely in love with my knit-worthy husband.

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  1. I love the the sweater, but I love the GREAT photos of Glenn even more! I love you, too.