Sunday, September 18, 2016

Shavertown Trail

Hello, everone!

Scotland's well and good (okay, Scotland's fabulous and gorgeous and I'd love to spend a few years there exploring all of it's nooks and crannies), but New York is pretty awesome too.  And it's getting better now that summer is winding down and the crisp notes of fall are in the air.  It's hiking season!

Home less than a week and I was back in the car. This time, heading out to the Western Catskills in Andes, New York for a 5.3 mile hike along the Shavertown Trail.  The trail starts about a tenth of a mile down County Route 1 from its intersection with Route 30, near the Pepacton Reservoir boat launch.  It is an in-and-out hike marked with red trail markers.  It was created through the efforts of the Catskill Mountain Club, with the help of the NYC DEP and the NY-NJ Trail Conference.

The trail climbs pretty steadily for the first mile, but then levels out for a relatively easy mile and a half through the woods.

The trail is broken down into two legs. The first mile takes you to Snake Pond. There is a 0.3-mile loop around the pond, ending with a lovely view of the reservoir.

This segment is fairly open and there are lots of wildflowers in summer.

The next mile and a half takes you into the woods. There is no big view waiting for you at the end, but lots of ferns and moss covered boulders linger under the canopy.  I'm sure the colors in late-September or early-October would be stunning.

The two and a half miles back out goes quickly, and offers some nice views of the surrounding mountains.  The day I was there was a big sky day. Not the greatest for photography, but with fall coming on the sun was gentle and the big, fluffy clouds against the deep blue just made me smile.

All and all, an enjoyable day out.   More photos can be found here.

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