Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wappinger Greenway

Hello, everyone.

I've been out hiking again, trying to soak up as much fall color as possible.

This time, I explored a swath of woodlands along the Hudson River and Wappinger Creek, just north of Fishkill, New York.  The 5-mile Wappinger Greenway Trail loop (courtesy of the New York New Jersey Trail Conference) that I followed stayed mainly in the woods, but at times it was clear that we were bumping up against suburbia, as the trail came close to backyards and, for a time, ran parallel to a road.

The trail begins at the New Hamburg Metro North station and is readily accessible by public transportation from New York City.   The beginning of the trail takes you through an old cemetery, with some views of the Hudson River, then runs through the woods parallel to Wappinger Creek. With some bushwacking, you can get down to the creek bed (but beware the burrs!)

After a nice stroll through the woods along the creek, the trail veers into Bowdoin Park.  This is where you will hit signs of development, running along and crossing roadways.  The last leg of the trail does go back into the woods, this time paralleling the Hudson River.

 Happy hiking!


  1. That looks like a nice spot for hiking. Kudos on the deer snapshot.