Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Delaware Water Gap / Raymondskill Falls

Hello, everyone.

This week took me to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  I arrived just after dawn and spent the morning exploring the Raymondskill Falls. Then I crossed the road for a lovely hike.

I began my hike on the Cliff Trail (marked with white blazes).  There are several unmarked trails leading off to the right that bring you to some outstanding views of the river.  (If you follow any of these, use caution near the cliff edge).

I followed the Cliff Trail until I reached an post marking the orange blazed Buchanan Trail.  I turned left onto this trail and took this for a short distance before coming to another post marking the blue-blazed Pond Loop Trail.  I turned left onto the Pond Loop trail and took this to another parking area (with a restroom!).

From the parking area on the far side of the pond, I picked up the orange blazed Buchanan Trail again. After about a half mile a post indicated the start of the yellow blazed Hacker's Trail.  I turned right onto the Hacker's trail and followed it back to the Raymondskill Falls parking area.  Along the Hacker's trail I was surprised to find another waterfall and several small ponds.

All and all a lovely place for a late fall hike  I did notice hunters down along the river and decided it was time to order something in hunter's orange to wear on my upcoming hikes. 


  1. Beautiful Fall colors! We have some of that in Payson. Your photos are serene and picturesque!